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6 BEST Tinker Bell Movies To Binge Watch On Movie Night

If you are looking for the best Tinker Bell movies to watch you have come to the right place. Watching a good Tinker Bell movie will rekindle that feeling of joy, playfulness, and imagination. The magical World of Disney movies will bring back memories of childhood Saturday mornings with hot cocoa and pancakes. What is better to watch than a sweet Tinker Bell movie? With it's great cast of adorable and unique characters you will be happy to watch these movies over and over. 

Here's a list of THE BEST TINKER BELL movies on Prime. 

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1. TINKER BELL [2008]

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This is the first Tinker Bell movie and it's perfect for a family movie night. This enchanting and delightful story is a celebration of the beloved fairy, Tinker Bell. This movie takes the viewers on an amazing journey into the secret world of Pixie Hollow. And this is the movie where you hear Tinker Bell speak for the very first time. 

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In this Tinker Bell movie, she is entrusted with a great treasure. This movie shows a great moral message about not blaming people for your own mistakes and Tinker Bell does an amazing job in this adventure movie. What you will love about this Tinker Bell movie is that Disney get's right into it! Tinker Bell has been given the task of making a scepter to fit the one and only moon stone, when it gets destroyed, she sets off to find a magic mirror and the adventure begins.

tinker bell and the lost treasure


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This Tinker Bell movie will take you to that magical place that you love to be in. In this movie, Tinker Bell is discovered by Lizzy. And you will watch in wonder as their worlds unite. Tinker Bell and her new friend Lizzy go on a daring rescue and she puts her own safety and the future of the other fairies at risk. Your whole family will love the ending and fall in love with Tinker Bell and her new amazing friend.

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This is such an amazing Tinker Bell movie that captures the unbreakable bonds of friendship and sisterhood. The animation of these Disney movies get better and better as each Tinker Bell movie is released and this movie is no exception. The music is absolutely magical and the theme and graphics are spot on.

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In this gripping movie, Tinker Bell enters Never Land and faces the pirates of Skull Rock. The positive reviews continue to pour in for this Tinker Bell movie and people are loving the new character Zarina, who is clever and fun. If you love Tinker Bell movies, then you will fall in love with Tinker Bell and her friends all over again.

Tinker Bell The Pirate Fairy Movie


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This Tinker Bell movie is a family favorite and is a fantastic and magical movie for all ages to enjoy. This movie features a fairy called Fawn and she is the animal fairy. Fawn has a wonderful personality that you will fall in love with and has a huge heart. Fawn thinks all animals deserve love and it's a great positive message for everyone.

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We hope you found this list helpful and now you can watch all of your favorite Tinker Bell movies. Have a magical day.

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