36 BEST Fairy Garden Ideas & Supplies [2022]

Here are some fairy garden ideas and supplies to create your own fairy gardens. We have found some amazing fairy garden ideas for you. If you are wondering how you can start and create your fairy garden you will find some great ideas here. There are lots of ways that you can create your beautiful fairy gardens that match your style and themes.

This list will start with some general ideas for your fairy gardens and some really cool and fun DIY fairy garden projects that you can make yourself. The real fun of fairy gardening is finding that perfect miniature or figure to complete your scene.

Let's go through these fairy garden ideas together so you can make an enchanted forest, beachy garden or create your very own fairy farmstead.

Fairy Garden Ideas & Supplies

1. HANDMADE MINIATURES by My Tiny Clay Kingdom

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You are going to find the most adorable little creatures in this Etsy shop. Looking for a farm theme for your fairy garden? Or maybe you want to try some dinosaurs and fantasy creatures. You will find them all here.

best fairy garden ideas 

2. FAIRY GARDEN FIRE PIT by The Little Hedgerow

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Let the magical nights begin. Your fairies can have the best parties around this mini fire pit that flickers with a tea light. This fairy garden fire pit includes 4 stone benches and marshmallow toasting sticks.

fairy garden ideas firepit 

3. LADYBUGS For Fairy Garden

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Ladybugs are a perfect addition to your fairy gardens. You can find some one of a kind hand painted ladybug rocks and polymer clay charms from Etsy sellers or purchase kits of 100 ladybugs from Amazon and go all out with ladybugs everywhere.

best fairy garden ideas ladybugs 


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Making a luxury cottage or greenhouse is a perfect project if you are crafty. These are houses that you put together yourself.

All you have to do is follow the step-by-step illustrated instructions that are included and spend a quiet afternoon or weekend making your own fairy house. Have fun!

best fairy garden ideas

5. DRAGONS by Tinker Treasures Minis

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All fairies need protection and here is a shop that carries many dragon figures. Don't worry, these dragons are guaranteed to be gentle to all of your fairies and butterflies AND keep everyone safe while they are tucked away at night.

Customers are loving the details on this little guy. There's lots of different dragons in this shop to choose from that you will fall in love with.

best fairy garden ideas dragons

6. LITTLE MUSHROOM HOUSE by My Crafty Resource

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A mushroom house with optional LED lights for your fairy garden ideas. You can put this right by a tree with a little path and you are good to go. Or you can go all out and tuck pieces of moss here and there to make it even more rustic and cozy.

We add new products frequently, so keep an eye out. We promise that you will not be disappointed!

fairy garden ideas little mushroom house


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How adorable are these fairy garden lanterns? This shop has a ton of fairy garden ideas and supplies to make your garden unique to you.

Their unique mushrooms are especially adorable and perfect for an enchanted forest theme.

fairy garden ideas

8. ANIMAL FIGURINES by Love Fairy Garden

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Every fairy garden needs some woodland creatures and this is the shop that has everything you could ever need. From adorable little sheep to fanciful frogs and everything in between.

Just look at this cute little bunny holding a mushroom that buyers are raving about.

fairy garden ideas little bunny


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If you want to splurge on something extra special for your fairy gardens, then check out what this shop has to offer. They have gorgeous geodes, crystals and stones that make perfect accents and features.

If you are here looking for a gift idea then anyone would love to have these in their fairy gardens. The air plants are a unique way to bring in natural elements that are whimsical and fun.

best fairy garden ideas natural geodes


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A Wild Pixy garden accessory kit is a good idea if you are just starting out making fairy gardens. These are also a great gift idea for that fairy lover in your life. This fairy kit comes with 13 miniature fairy garden accessories to help get you started the moment it arrives.

best fairy garden kits 


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A cute fairy pond that you can put into your fairy garden. This would look great with a handmade deck made from popsicle sticks. Or just gather up some moss and rocks to make it look like a natural feature.

best fairy garden ideas pond


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Hang these up or display them nearby for a beautiful night light display for your fairy garden. These solar lights are a great way to bathe your fairy gardens in a beautiful soft light. And if you have a water feature, they will reflect in the most beautiful way.

best fairy garden ideas solar lights


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Add a little night magic to your fairy gardens with this beautiful statue that lights up. Made with quality polyresin, this fairy garden statue can be displayed outside. 

best fairy garden ideas light up statue


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Only In Miniature offers some of the most unique fairy garden ideas accessories that will make your garden magical and amazing.

Definitely bookmark this shop for when you need fairy houses, fairy garden signs and also fairies of course. These mushrooms are a customer favorite.

best fairy garden ideas


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This Etsy shop has a ton of unique fairy garden supplies. These miniature cactus landscape pots are especially cute. These can be used for little accents here and there for your fairy gardens.

This shop has everything from little bunnies, butterflies and we even saw a cute opossum that would be perfect for a woodland theme.

best fairy garden ideas mini succulents


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Mini pots can be used in so many ways. You can plant tiny succulents and plants in them. Or you can break them up to use for paths.

Another way to use terracotta pots in your fairy garden is to put them sideways and have moss and flowers going into the pot so that it looks like magical flowers are spilling out from it.

best fairy garden ideas


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Here is the shop to visit when you need colorful live succulents. The Queen Of Succulents has many varieties to choose from. You are going to enjoy picking out your own favorite varieties for your gardens.

Their plants are always well packaged and healthy.

best fairy garden ideas live succulents

18. ARTIFICIAL GRASS For Fairy Gardens

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When you need to make your fairy gardens a little greener, here are some synthetic grass pieces.

These grass mats can be cut and trimmed to any size you need for your fairy gardens. You can use these indoors and outside too.

best fairy garden ideas fake grass 

19. REAL MOSS For Fairy Gardens

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For those who can't go out and forage for moss, here is a great option for you. This is leafy green sphagnum moss that will last a long time as long as you keep it moist. Lay this beside paths and up on to trees for a magical woodland look.

best fairy garden ideas moss


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This is the soil you need for when you are making a fairy garden in a planter. This soil will help your plants and succulents get all of the nutrients you need.

Plants are a big part of making your fairy gardens come to life so you will need to keep them healthy and fed.

best soil for fairy garden


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There are lots of sellers that offer the cutest little campers and trailers for a summer themed camping outing for your fairies. These campers come in all kids of sizes and themes too.

fairy garden trailers

22.TOOL KIT | For Fairy Garden DIY's

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Always have everything you need to make your own DIY fairy garden charms, displays and figures with this tool kit. It includes pliers, copper wire, scissors and more that will come in handy when you are creating your fairy gardens.

tool kit for fairy gardens

23. TIERED STAND | For Upright Fairy Gardens

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This is the stand that you see when people are building tall fairy gardens. It's made from galvanized metal so you can use it outdoors no problem. There's so many ways you can use this too.

Build a fairy garden community, or you can even go all out and have a waterfall coming down from one of the layers.

fairy garden ideas

24. FURNITURE SET | For Fairy Gardens

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The nice thing about gathering ideas for your fairy gardens is that you get to pick and choose exactly how you want yours to look like. Here is an outdoor furniture set for a fairy garden that has a forest theme.

25. FAIRY DOORS by Sugar Bush Fairies

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Here's the shop you need when you want to add accents to trees and DIY houses. Fairy doors that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes for your fairy garden ideas. Their handmade doors are created with premium red cedar so you won't need to worry about having it displayed out in the elements.

Sugar Bush Fairies is run from our little studio in the woods. We design and create each of these doors right down to the intricate details that you see on each one. 

best fairy garden ideas

26. VINTAGE SUITCASE | For Fairy Garden Display

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An old suitcase is a perfect setting for a fairy garden. Especially if you want to keep it on your deck or inside out of the elements. Imagine the beautiful and magical fairy gardens you can build.

27. E-6000 GLUE | For Fairy Gardens & Repairs

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This is the best glue to use for fairy garden building. It's super strong so this will work for repairs and fairy garden building ideas. You can use this glue on wood, glass, ceramics, concrete and plastic. Pretty much anything.

best glue for fairy gardens

28. Craft Sticks | For Fairy Fences

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Craft sticks are what you need if you are going to make your own fairy fences. You can just trim them to the perfect size and then use weatherproof wood glue to make your own DIY fairy fence.

craft sticks for fairy houses

29. FIREGLASS For Fairy Gardens

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Fireglass is what you need to light up those water features and paths. These sparkle and shine in the sunlight and solar lights in the most magical way. A must have for any fairy garden. There are many different colors to choose from that will suit your color themes.

fairy garden ideas fireglass

30. SEA GLASS GEMS | For Colorful Elements

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Bright light and color into your Fairy Garden with gemstones and glass. Mix and match colors or go with a certain color theme. There are many combinations to choose from but we think that this frosted sea glass would make perfect elements in a water feature.

best fairy garden ideas sea glass


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And speaking of rocks and pebbles. Here are some ideas for your paths, fairy garden. & water features. Pebbles, stones and glass elements can also be glued onto your fairy houses too.


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Next time you are out for a nature walk you can start collecting pieces of wood for your fairy gardens. If you don't have a lake or forest nearby then here is a seller that has assorted pieces of wood for your fairy gardens. Use these for hiding spots and for hanging fairy lights and lanterns.

best fairy garden ideas driftwood

33. PINECONES | For Fairy Garden Decorations

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Pine cones are a must have for your fairy garden. Use them as accents or to make a tiny fairy forest. If you can't go out and collect your own pine cones for your fairy garden, here are some bulk pine cones on Amazon.

fairy garden ideas and supplies

34. PLAY SAND | For Making Paths & Bricks

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Every fairy garden needs some sand, and here is a bucket of sand that can be used for paths and also for molding different things like bricks in your fairy gardens.

best sand for fairy gardens 

35. WHITE AIR DRY CLAY | For Making Fairy Garden Pieces

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Use white air dry clay to make fairy garden accents like little ladybugs, light posts, fences or bricks. The clay will dry a pure white and then can be painted and varnished once dry.

fairy garden ideas

36. MULTI COLORED AIR DRY CLAY | For Making Fairy Garden Accents

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Here is some colorful air dry clay set that can be used for all kinds of handmade fairy garden accents like mushrooms, stones, statues, handmade fairy garden ornaments and more.

fairy garden ideas

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