29 Best DIY Fairy Garden Tutorials [2022]

Here are some DIY fairy garden ideas. Hello fairy garden lovers. Are you looking for some ideas on different ways to make a fairy garden? We have the best fairy garden ideas and list of free fairy garden tutorials that we have gathered up for you from some amazing designers. 

Fairy gardens are just so much fun and rewarding to make. You can make so many kinds of fairy gardens too. Miniature fairy gardens are perfect for inside the house or on a deck.

Or you can go all out and make your very own magical land that spreads throughout your garden. Here are some amazing videos to help get you started.


1. All About Fairy Gardens by Arboretum

A really fun garden tutorial and tour with Dave Forhand. In this fairy garden tutorial you will learn all about how to build your own fairy garden at home. And he even shares his best horticultural and design tips. 

His fairy garden is just beautiful and has lots of great ideas about placement, plants and more.


2. How To Make A Succulent Fairy Garden

Here's a great tutorial that gives you lots of ideas on how to make two fairy gardens using live succulents.

If you love a beachy theme with Hula fairies, you might want to try this fairy garden theme.


3. How To Make A Fairy Garden by She Saved®

Anyone who loves fairy gardens is going to enjoy this tutorial. This fairy garden DIY tutorial uses a fairy garden kit.


4. Dream Fairy Garden by Alwyn Oak

Watch this magical fairy garden video for an aesthetic fairy garden of your dreams. This fairy garden is so charming and so fun to watch how it all comes together.


5. Easy Fairy Garden by Art Idea

An easy video to watch that shows some ideas for a fairy garden. They make a fairy garden with different accents like natural stone, and wooden steps. 


6. DIY Fairy Garden by Craft Factory

This is such a great tutorial and it shows many different ways and techniques how to make your very own fairy garden. A beginner will find great ideas on how to start your fairy garden.

If you already have an established fairy garden, you will enjoy ideas that you might not have thought of yet.


7. Easy Fairy Garden Ideas by Backyard Crafts

This fairy garden tutorial gives you so many ideas and different ways to make your own fairy garden. You can make adorable little fairy garden houses with cardboard which is an easy DIY.

And they show how to make a cute miniature fairy garden with succulents and sand.



8. DIY Fairy Garden Ideas by 5-Minute Crafts

This fairy garden DIY has 23 ideas how to get your fairy gardens perfect using things that you might already have on hand.

They will show you how to make a fairy garden walking bridge, little houses made from laundry detergent bottles and other cool and fun fairy garden project ideas.

9. Fairy Garden Door by Certainly Caroline

If you want to try working with polymer clay then give this tutorial a watch. In this fairy garden DIY you will learn step by step how to make a fairy door. This fairy tutorial shows you how you can make a fairy door out of wood, stone, and also polymer clay.


10. Indoor Fairy Garden by Nichola Battilana

A wonderful fairy garden video tutorial that has inspirational ideas to make a fairy garden indoors. 

11. Spring Fairy Garden by Garden Answer

How to create a fairy garden outdoors with plants and a little fairy house. This fairy garden tutorial shows you how to make an enchanting fairy garden with real plants.

The trick is to use plants that are native to your own area. And use plants that have lots of color and different height differences to get the best aesthetics to your fairy garden.


12. 4 Fairy Garden Ideas by Garden Answer

Inspirational fairy garden ideas using succulents, a cute fairy cottage and fairy statues.


13. Easy Fairy Garden Tutorial by The Mama Lounge

Make your own fairy garden this summer. These fairy gardens turned out so cute. This whimsical DIY fairy garden tutorial is super fun to watch and easy to follow.

14. Fairy Garden DIY by What's Up Moms

The amazing ladies over at What's Up Moms teaches you how to make whimsical fairy gardens that are sure to bring magic into your yard.

They are so easy to create and they show you exactly how to get your fairy garden perfect.

15. Dollar Store Fairy Garden by Jessica Hill

Learn how to make a pedestal fairy garden with supplies from the dollar store. She makes a little path with broken bits of pottery which is a great idea.

And the succulents are a perfect way to bring in some greenery. Since this is made in a pot, it's easy to move around.

This fairy garden can be enjoyed in your house or outside on your patio or deck.



Learn how to make polymer clay flowers for your fairy garden. These adorable little flowers can be glued onto your fairy house & trees. Or scatter them here and there for a whimsical garden.

Now that you know how to make your own fairy garden flowers, go ahead and create different designs and colors.


17. Fairy Garden Door by DIY Craft Club

DIY Craft Club shows how to make a fairy garden door out of polymer clay. This door would look so cute on a tree with fairy lights around it.

18. Fairy Garden Mushrooms by DIY Craft Club

Another helpful fairy garden tutorial using polymer clay but this time making mushrooms. Fairy garden supplies can get super expensive so making your own will save you a ton of money.

19. Fairy Garden In A Jar by The Cine Scape

Watch this enchanting fairy garden tutorial to learn how to make a fairy garden inside a large jar.

This is a fairy garden project that is for more advanced gardeners but totally fun to watch just for the ideas and aesthetics.

20. 10 Fairy Garden Ideas by PlantDo Home & Garden

Do you love the outdoors and want to bring a little of that magic inside your home? Fairy gardens are a great way to do just that!

With so many ideas out there, it can be hard to know where to start. This video shows many ideas for your gardens.


21. The Magic Of Fairy Gardens by KSL Greenhouse Show

Here's a tour of a magical fairy garden that will give you so many ideas! If you have a little space in your garden where you can indulge in a touch of whimsy, then you will love these ideas.

With just a few simple embellishments, you can transform any spot into an enchanting getaway for fairies.


22. Fairy Garden Decor Ideas by Mood Lab

Whether your outdoor space is large or small, there's room to create a whimsical fairy garden. Gather some decorative items and plants that appeal to you, and let your imagination run wild! This video shows some magical fairy garden ideas.


23. Fall Fairy Garden Ideas by Garden Answer

Another helpful video by Garden Answer. This time they take you on a journey to make a fairy garden for fall. Grab your pumpkins, lights and gnomes and make your own garden for your fall fairies.


24. Fairy Garden Pond by Green Lounge

Do you love spending time outdoors in your garden? If so, then you'll love this fun and easy DIY project that will add a beautiful fairy pond to your landscape.

In just a few simple steps, you can create a charming little oasis for fairies and other woodland creatures to enjoy. So gather your supplies and get ready to bring some magic to your garden!


25. Mini Fairy Garden by So0onita

Whether your outdoor space is large or small, there's always room to create a whimsical fairy garden, especially if it is a mini garden.

Gather some decorative items and plants that appeal to you, and let your imagination run wild! Here are a few ideas to get started.

26. Water Feature Fairy Garden by Decor Crafts

One of the best ways to bring this garden to life is by adding a water feature. A bubbling brook or tranquil pond can provide an inviting spot for fairies to play, and it also adds sound and movement to the garden scene.

You don't need a lot of space or experience to create a beautiful fairy garden with water – watch this video for amazing ideas.


27. Polymer Clay Mushrooms For Fairy Gardens by Certainly Caroline

This project is perfect for anyone who loves spending time making their own fairy garden mushrooms. You can make these polymer clay mushrooms polymer clay, and they come out looking so realistic.

Whether you decide to use them as decorations or give them as gifts, everyone will be impressed by your DIY skills.

28. Fairy Moss Garden by Jungle In Pots

Moss fairy gardens are the latest trend in gardening and for good reason! They are simple to make, low-maintenance, and look adorable. This video will show you how to make your very own moss fairy garden.


29. Mini Accessories For A Fairy Garden by Art Idea

A fairy garden is a great way to add some life and color to your yard or patio. And, if you're short on space, they can even be made in miniature versions.

In this video, Art Idea will show you how to make mini fairy garden accents that will add some fun and enchantment to your yard. So gather up your supplies!


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